Friday, March 14, 2014

RELEASE DAY IS HERE!!! Hades Mistress is now available for purchase!!

Hades Mistress is now available wherever paperbacks and ebooks are sold!!


Scarlett Rose Grace (Rouge):
Scarlett has had the same dream, during the same month for 7 years.  The year of her 30th birthday the dream became a nightmare.  What do you do when your dream becomes reality?  What if your dream guy was the god, Hades, Lord of the Underworld?  Nothing good could come of this.  Or could it?

Hades, Greek god:
Hades aka Aides aka Lord of the Underworld.  These were just a few of the names that he was known to go by.  Names he hadn’t minded having until her.  The year he found (actually his minions did) his Rouge that changed.  He changed.  Will he be willing to be the man that she wants?   The clock is ticking for him.  He needs to convince her to choose to stay with him.  If he can’t, the thing he always wanted will be lost forever. 

Scarlett Rose (Rouge to Hades and she hated him for it) has had the same horrible nightmare for most of her adult years.  If she had to be exact about it, then it had been seven years.  Seven long years with the same recurring dream where she is pulled into Hell and bedded by the legendary Lord of the Underworld himself, Hades. She remains one night in her time, but months in his.  She is returned one night, the night of her 30th birthday, and finds that she is pregnant. Imagine her surprise when she finds out that all of those dreams were, in fact, reality.  She has to beat the clock that only she can hear.
Hades reasoning for calling his bearer to him is not only to have a child with her but he desires a companion. No one knows, or can find out, that he looks forward to that time of year when he has the ability to spend time with HIS Rouge. Now that he knows that she is carrying his child, he wants to do everything possible to get her to agree to be at his side, for all eternity. The god is willing to do anything at all, even if it means disguising himself as another to win her heart. In the process of trying to win her, he finds himself enjoying the character he is playing for her.  The clock is ticking and he has a decision to make.  Will he be able to beat the clock?  Or will he have to watch the woman he's come to love and the child he desires most from his lonely, evil perch?

Excerpt from the book:

If what he said was him being truthful, telling her the honest truth, then there were such things as gods and goddesses.  If what he told her was actual fact, then her dreams were real.  If he was finally explaining the exact meaning behind some of his more cryptic statements of, “I’m not exactly the man that you think I am” or “Reality can sometimes be a fluid word, depending on the viewer”, then Scarlett thought she wanted his balls on a platter.  If what he had been telling her was truth, then she had been dealing with Hades and not her dream guy, Aides.  She’d been sleeping with Hades.  She was pregnant with Hades’, the Lord and ruler of the Underworld’s, child.   It just couldn’t be her reality.  No, she was going to be sick.

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