Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sometimes facelifts are good...

Over the course of the next month or so my focus will be to go back through my works and fine tune some things that I was unable to the first time through.  Some editing will be done to the works.  Other changes will come in the form of the covers of the books.  I'm excited about this time as I continued to better myself and my works.  I am also looking forward to releasing the 2nd books in all of my series.  Once the second books are out then the focus will be on the individual series.  The first to monopolize my time (because they've already occupied my mind) will be The Norton Sisters series.  They have a very special plane in my heart and I look forward to completing each of their individual stories.

So great things to come!!  I also am happy to announce that I am an author under Tattered Press Publishing. I am expecting even greater things to come from this latest business relationship. 
Here is the website for further information: Tattered Press Publishing

I have also made mention to them on my own website: Author E.L.R. Jones

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