Monday, March 10, 2014

March MADNESS Sale

As we enter the home stretch of March, the sales will continue until the end of March.  I will be posting sales or "price match" sales.
 Every two weeks a post will reflect the latest sale.  The dates and sale type will be clearly defined within each post as well.

The third sale is the EVERYTHING'S $.99 SALE!!

What is this? The EVERYTHING'S $.99 SALE is just what it says.  Every book that I have released will be just $.99.
 The dates of this sale are March 10th-16th, 2014.  A new sale will be posted on the 17th!

The titles to choose from:
 A Dreamer's Today
Life In "E" motion
Forbidden: A Prince's Most Coveted Possession
The Craft Society of Divination: Mama Katerina (series)
The Norton Sisters: Rayna (series, but stand alone - HEA)
Secrets of the Night "Creatures": Night Hunter (series, but stand alone-HEA)

Happy reading and shopping,

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