Monday, February 10, 2014

Pre-March into March Madness SALE

For the rest of this month throughout the end of March, I will be posting sales or "price match" sales.

Every two weeks a post will reflect the latest sale.  The dates and sale type will be clearly defined within each post as well. 

The first sale is MATCHING EBOOK SALE!!

What is that? The MATCHING EBOOK SALE is just what it says.  Every person that sends me the receipt of the paperback you purchased with the name of the book that you purchase, I will send you  a copy of the ebook for free.  (Receipts will be sent to

The dates of this sale are Feb. 10th-23rd, 2014.  A knew sale will be posted on the 24th!

The titles to choose from:

A Dreamer's Today
Life In "E" motion
Forbidden: A Prince's Most Coveted Possession
The Craft Society of Divination: Mama Katerina (series)
The Norton Sisters: Rayna (series, but stand alone - HEA)
Secrets of the Night "Creatures": Night Hunter (series, but stand alone-HEA)

Happy reading and shopping,

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