Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mama Katerina was the second to get a facelift...what do you think?

Mama Katerina has also received a new cover and undergone edits! I have to say that I completely adore the new covers for my books.

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The blurb about the book:

I have a secret that I can never tell. If anyone finds out it could change not only my life but everyone's that I love, and not for the better. Katerina E. Deshion holds this secret close. As the Leader of the Society of Divination and their covens, Chosen One, she bears a great weight on her shoulders. She surrenders herself to man that truly takes her breath away, it was just one slip. She lets her guard down for one brief moment and now that mistake threatens to unravel everything and everyone that she holds dear. Danger looms and the person it threatens the most is her beloved son. Will she be able to keep him safe and answer the questions he, himself is seeking? Or will she have to remove herself from her son's life all together because of her weakness for this one man that threatens to destroy her world?

Excerpt with photo: 

Here is another excerpt from the book:

I couldn’t believe how in tune Xavian and I were to one another.  It was as if we’d known each other for years versus minutes.  He knew what I wanted to pass on during the meal.  I knew he would enjoy the red wine over the white.  Our skin kept grazing during the motions of eating and passing along food and desserts.  With each touch there was an electrical current that passed between us.  By the time dinner and dessert were over, I was overheated.  I excused myself as quickly as I possibly could once the last course was served and eaten, feigning a need to get back to my work at the office.


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